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Welcome! If you are:
  • A person needing to pull through a challenging time, to increase energy, resilience, clarity, purpose and zest for life.
  • A couple at any stage of relationship-from creating your relationship vision, pre-marital, or undergoing a difficult challenge or transition such as bringing baby home, facing ambivalence, empty-nesting, or retirement.
  • A business with a need to develop effective communication and a strength-based relational model you’ve come to the right place. Life coaching and relationship counseling are for you!

I believe that a quality life starts with quality relationships.
Great relationships begin with compassionate self leadership.
Investing in your life is the best investment you can make.

Together let’s embark upon creating a fuller, richer whole-hearted life and embrace those challenges with strength, humor and creativity. We can design your unique blueprint attuned to your values, hopes and dreams.


I am passionate about helping individuals, couples and organizations design lives of purpose and joy.

Together, we will design your vision, strengthen your belief and confidence and help you achieve success!
I have over 25 years experience working with individuals and couples, and companies in this quest. It is my privilege to assist you in designing your life and relationship with greater purpose and joy.

My Company, Pursuits Coaching was founded to support clients and organizations in actualizing their vision for success. See


What It Is I Do. Why?


I was introduced to a friend of a neighbor in our new “digs” recently. I was taken with the question, what do you do? I paused and thought upon that question, usually so easy to answer with my usual professional credentials and response. This time,  however, I was truly struck by the existential challenge. I have thought long and hard over the last couple of days and pondered the answer.  What is it I really do and why do I do it?

The answer in and of itself sheds so many layers of complexity, specialization, and ego in order to find the simple kernel of truth.


Getting Married: Pre-marital Counseling… One Essential


FYI, engaged couples!

You are in the wedding planning stages — planning the location, the venue, the vibe, the dress, the photographer, the honeymoon, everything — to make the day you’ve both dreamed of come true. And you have such love and excitement planning your lives together.

Getting married is exciting! Creating a love that lasts requires wisdom, skill, planning, and conscious ways to build trust and commitment.


5 Tips to Design Relationships That Thrive

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sharla on joint leadership offerings for entrepreneurs at Impact Hub Boulder, and feel lucky to have been part of such a mutual partnership. Sharla is a true visionary when it comes to 21st century leadership and an expert on the skillsets that equip leaders to be their best


I was a member of a Women’s Empowerment Group, facilitated by Sharla Macy. At the time, my personal life was going through some difficult changes and my professional life felt stagnant. Sharla was an ideal facilitator to my group. We all feeling better able to tackle challenges, and life decisions.


We’ve been so lucky at Hygge Power to have received coaching from Sharla Macy She helped us overcome challenges that were otherwise very difficult to handle alone; change management, consistent communication of our vision, and in a non-judgmental manner. Thank you for your tools and guidance.


Sharla  has been a tremendous resource to us a couple. From pre-marital counseling, to the present, she  has helped clarify and implement our vision and life changes. We value the support, insight and expertise this has given to us! Thank you! You changed our lives!


I was searching for direction in my professional life. As my work with Sharla has progressed, I have been continually impressed with how she uses her gifts to connect the right people at the right times and to creatively lead us toward recognizing and implementing our own dreams and talents.



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