Certified Career Coach/Consultant

Ruth Beauchamp, M.A., GCDF

Ruth Beauchamp brings 10+ years’ experience with culture, climate and retention in the workplace and has helped 100s make positive changes in their life’s work. She is the Founder of Oranda LLC, an educational consulting firm, and has been in practice since 2007 in CA and since 2013 in CO as a Training and Career Development Consultant, Coach and Facilitator.

Ruth brings her compassion, positivity and humor to support coaching clients in being the change they want to see in themselves and in their world. She specializes in YouScience – a career aptitude and strength assessment, and practices Narrative Coaching anchored in Positive Psychology. Ruth describes herself as “an inner wisdom leader” propelling people forward in their purpose.

As a Facilitator, she runs Mentoring Circles with groups of professionals within companies interested in giving and receiving support towards their mutual and individual career goals. This has resulted in increased morale, productivity and profits. In addition, Beauchamp provides leadership in the Certification process of Rolestorming – facilitated innovation discovery sessions developed by Rick Griggs in the late 1980s.

Beauchamp holds her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of San Francisco and Global Career Development Certification with the National Career Development Association. In 2016, Ruth was recognized as the Educational Entrepreneur of the Year with the International Academy of Educational Entrepreneurs.

In 2016, she joined the Pursuits Coaching Team and in 2018, their Leadership Team. As a Thought Leader, Beauchamp has also served on Leadership Teams with the New Teacher Center, Playworks and the California Teacher Corps.

Ruth is savvy about social-emotional intelligence, identifies as an ENFP, and is a champion for work-life integration. At play, she enjoys the outdoors and coffee dates with family and friends.

Ruth is a professional who understands how people work together. She combines skill, experience and diligence. She is loyal, courageous and resourceful. When Ms. Beauchamp is on your team you will make leaps in the direction of your mission and vision. – Rick Griggs, Griggs Achievement

Ruth delivers excellent content, is a great collaborator, and understands needs-based programming. Her presentations are encouraging and well prepared and her sense of professionalism adds greatly to our mutual projects. – Rich Feller, Keynote Speaker

“Ruth is a highly skilled facilitator and leader. She is organized, efficient and focused. Ruth has excellent people skills: she is a good listener, and follows through.” Laura Hubbard, President, Principal Coaching, Inc.

The coaching and emotional support Ruth offered continues to have an impact in my work today. Diana Bernbaum Wilmot, Chief Academic Officer, Yavneh Day School

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman

Executive Coach and Corporate Trainer

Lyn Ciocco, MBA

My 30+ years in business is a blend of corporate, small business and entrepreneurial experiences. I’ve led management teams running $100-$400 million brand franchises and have launched many successful new products. As a strategic consultant and researcher, I helped create numerous brand strategies and positionings for start-ups to major consumer products. Linking my business experiences with a sustained commitment to learning and personal development and to my practice as an executive coach, I draw upon my successes and challenges to help executives optimize their leadership and their results. I have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing from New York University.

My business background includes:

  • Product Management: Served as Vice President New Products for the development and launch of Advil Cold and Sinus, VP Marketing for Advil (formerly Whitehall Labs now Pfizer), Interim VP Marketing Maalox (formerly Rhone Poulenc Rorer now Novartis)
  • Strategic Consulting: Capitalized on marketing and retail knowledge to work with small and large companies, natural products businesses and over-the-counter drug companies in new product development and business strategy. (e.g. Nature’s Way, Lederle, Emerson Group)
  • Qualitative Market Research: Planned and facilitated focus groups with 100s of consumers on health, strategy, innovation, with start-ups, ngo’s and Fortune 500s. (e.g. Kellogg’s, Danone, Cargill)

Certified Career Coach/Consultant

Sheila Clemenson

Sheila Clemenson is the Owner and CEO of Transitions Coaching Services LLC, and a Certified Career Coach and Consultant with over 20 years of experience in hiring, coaching, and advising job seekers, employees, and management in diverse industries. Sheila helps people define, create, and refine how they express their careers, vocations, and callings as they experience life’s transitions. She brings inspiration, energy, and enthusiasm to her clients, leading them along the path to their next big opportunity. She offers strategies, resources, and tools to help clients express their life’s work experiences while maximizing their strengths.

Podcasting Consultant

Josh Coyle

Josh has spent his adult life learning about the workings of this abundant Universe. Working with Sharla Macy & Associates allows him to help others along their path to have the confidence to face life’s challenges with strength. Passion is a quality that Josh aspires to awaken in everyone he works with. Josh’s life motto is that the Universe loves you and wants you to be happy!

Josh currently focuses his energy on company, Your Podcast Services, which guides influential businesses & individuals through the entire process of creating their own podcast.

One thing to know about Joshua is his desire to improve things on a large scale; making a difference is what fuels him. He is passionate about creating a conscious workflow and experience.

In his free time, Josh volunteers as the Ambassador Engagement Chair for the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, as a facilitator for Men Standing Up, a group within Movement to End Sexual Assault (MESA), and runs his own men’s group working to engage men in all forms healthy masculinity.

“Without love in a dream, it will never come true.”



Marketing Communications

Joy Maas

I love a good puzzle; whether I’m working on the Sunday morning crossword or working out brand story, sales, marketing and interpersonal conundrums that we face in the business world. I’m able to see the big picture while diving into the details, advancing solutions and creating wins.

The most rewarding experiences in life are those where application of our strengths create a unique impact. Whether a person, process, product or a sales channel it’s thrilling to me to see how applied strengths, wisdom, and wit amplify our collective success.

Certified Career Counselor/Advisor

Dan Macy 

Dan loves exploring and applying meaning, purpose and spirit into career, work and life through personal stories, strengths, personality, interests and values in work, education and life. Dan actively engages clients to move forward with their lives, move toward their dreams and create the work and life they love. “My job is to draw out the answers that are already there.”

Dan has been a Career Counselor and Academic Advisor at Red Rocks Community College since 1994. He is a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) Master Practitioner where he has led workshops and trainings in applying the Myers-Briggs to organizational and company issues. He is a Qualified Strong Interest Inventory Administrator and Interpreter. He is a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF). He teaches Psychology and Career Courses at Red Rocks.

Dan holds a Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. He completed the Core Coursework from the Coaches Training Institute. He is a member of the National Career Development Association (NCDA). He is on the Board of the Colorado Career Development Association (CCDA) where he won the Rich Feller Award in 2010. This award was given for Dan’s outstanding dedication and service to CCDA and the career development profession in the local, national and international arenas. Dan is well known for developing and coordinating the Rev Up Your Resume event in partnership the Boulder Public Library. He has created this event to be a sustainable and effective annual event providing a great resource for those in need of career advice.. Dan also serves on the Board for the Legacy of Learning through Dreamcatchers Direct Instruction. Dan is passionate about his family, pups, hiking, golfing, playing tennis with his daughter, singing and living life to the fullest.

Event Planner

Merix Gustin, MBA

Merix Gustin is passionate about the power of events. As owner and Director of Event Operations at Plan Ahead Events Boulder, she oversees both the strategic direction and tactical execution of high impact events for her clients.

With deep experience in sales, marketing and corporate event planning, Merix is able to see the big picture yet execute the smallest details. The result is reliably successful events ranging from complex industry conferences and expos to professional development programming and intimate non-profit fundraisers. Merix is widely recognized for her ability to either collaborate and integrate with existing teams or manage events from start to finish for organizations who lack the skills or manpower internally.

Before founding Plan Ahead Events Boulder, Merix served as a management consultant and marketing director for a national purchasing alliance. She holds a bachelor’s degree from DePauw University, and a master’s in business administration from Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Registered Psychotherapist

Ivan Junge

Ivan, a graduate from Naropa University, loves working with kids (of all ages) and adults alike. With a background in therapeutic group work, experiential education and transformation programs he brings his love of new beginnings and awakening to each client relationship.

“When we know too much then we can get in our own way. Finding the balance requires a combination of studying, learning, and developing along with being able to approach things with a beginner’s mind and be open to the unexpected.”

Ivan believes that learning about how to be in communication as our emotions arise is a skill that is not only valuable for the individual but for all of those in that individual’s life as well. “Moments when we are sad, scared, or angry can often be wonderful teaching opportunities. If we can be present and share effectively then new realms of possibility for connection show up. I think we when are honest about our feelings and listen from a place of compassion we can work beautifully together.”

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Specialist

Rossana  Miranda Johnston

Enabler of success for others!

Rossana Johnston is an independent contractor associated with a number of leadership development and cross-cultural communication firms in Canada, the USA and Europe. She has more than 20 years of experience leading group, individual and virtual leadership development sessions for many Fortune 500 corporations in the United States, Canada, Europe and throughout Latin America. She is certified in many clients’ trademark methodologies and delivers her work in English and Spanish.

Born and raised in Mexico, Rossana moved to the U.S. for a graduate program in intercultural management. She has also lived in England, Israel, Portugal and Italy.

Rossana brings passion, excitement and a curiosity for learning to her work with clients. Rossana has delivered training modules to enhance intercultural effectiveness and global leadership development, including effective communication, accountability, trust building, leading with a coaching style, team building, and corporate culture shaping. Some of her clients include Apple, ArcelorMittal, Bridgestone, Volkswagen, Honeywell Aerospace, Schering Plough, SIEMENS, Wal-Mart International, Pemex, Chrysler and Rubbermaid, among others.

In 2016 for example, she facilitated sessions for BOSCH (on accountability), Coors (family relocation), Kiewit (intercultural USA-Mexico), ArcelorMittal (mentoring), Boston Scientific (working across cultures) and Ferrovial (working across-cultures).

Rossana has co-authored book chapters on the work culture of Mexico. Her coach training has given Rossana the insights and tools to explore people’s deep vision of the world to support the development of more effective alternatives for personal and professional growth.

Rossana has an undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology and received a master’s degree in Intercultural Management from the School for International Training in Brattleboro, Vermont. She also completed the Ontological Coaching certification program at Newfield Network.

Rossana lives in Boulder, CO with her husband Steven where they enjoy growing their own vegetables, cycling and skiing. Her other favorite activities include dancing, mushroom hunting, traveling and cooking.

Values are clues to how people behave… They do not predict behavior; rather, they are starting points for observation and dialogue.” by my colleague Dianne Hoffner



“My wife and children are very happy that I am taking these programs with you. They say I am a better husband and father since the sessions started, thanks to the company and to you.”
Hugo Trejo
ArcelorMittal“Your leadership sessions have had more impact on the integration of the two companies than any other effort in the whole company has had.”
Sergio Sandoval
Mittal Steel Co.

“This training creates personal change and really encourages commitment to the company”
J.D. Miller
KPMG Advisory

Rossana is certified to facilitate  the Intercultural Development Inventory  to support  people’s intercultural development which is the most validated, reliable and known tool for this process.

Mediator, Conflict Coach

Beth Brown Ornstein

A common sense approach to prevent, manage and resolve conflict

BETH BROWN ORNSTEIN, J.D., is an experienced dispute resolution professional, trainer, and attorney.  Beth received her bachelor’s degree in public policy studies from Duke University in 1977 and her law degree from the George Washington University in 1981.  She completed her initial mediation training in 1991, and has also been trained in mediation-arbitration , conflict coaching, managing workplace conflict, parenting coordination/decision making, and restorative justice practices.  Beth is qualified by the Mediation Association of Colorado (MAC) as a Professional Mediator.  She is a certified MBTI®* practitioner has studied Non Adversarial Communication with Connection Partners, Inc.  Beth is also a pre-qualified Colorado Department of Transportation Dispute Review Board Candidate.

Beth founded Colorado Mediation Center, LLC (CMC) in 2000.  As the manager of CMC, she provides mediation, arbitration, mediation-arbitration, parenting coordination/decision making, conflict coaching, and facilitation services for individuals and organizations experiencing workplace, family, business, real estate, construction, and other disputes.  Beth also provides conflict management, communications, team-building, and MBTI® training programs for private businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. You can learn more about Beth’s practice at

As a private attorney, Beth has practiced contract, criminal, business and family law.  As an attorney for the District of Columbia, she litigated contracts disputes and criminal matters and provided legal advice regarding contract, administrative and personnel matters. She also clerked for the HUD and DOE Contract Appeals Boards.

Beth is a member of MAC; Association for Conflict Resolution; Association of Family and Conciliation Courts; Boulder Interdisciplinary Committee (Boulder IDC); Colorado Bar Association; and the Boulder County Bar Association (BCBA).  She has served as a co-chair for the BCBA Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee and has served on the Board of the Boulder IDC.  She keeps informed about current developments in law and dispute resolution through participation in many continuing legal and dispute resolution education programs.




* MBTI, Myers-Briggs, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Trust in the United States and other countries.


Served with Beth on a steering committee that recently launched a successful community career networking group. The group got off the ground and is thriving in large part due to Beth’s diligence and leadership in working through many obstacles. She has demonstrated her excellent mediation skills in bringing dissonant parties to agreement.
Ilyse Schechtel, Financial and Business Operations ExecutiveBeth Brown Ornstein is a very experienced and deft mediator. With her attention to detail and her integrity, there was no doubt that every potential path for agreement was explored. Her agreements left every participant satisfied that they had gotten the best arrangement possible and that every part of the agreement was recorded and could and would be fulfilled. She had the highest client satisfaction and lowest default rate in the agency.
Richard Williams, MSW, LSWYou have a good manner and ability to keep parties moving forward.
Mary Street, Attorney

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Holistic Nutritionist

Stephanie Small, LCSW

Stephanie Small is a licensed clinical social worker and holistic nutritionist. She specializes in helping her clients transform their relationship with food, heal anxiety and panic, and find natural solutions to insomnia, anxiety, depression, substance cravings and more. In addition to maintaining a private practice in Louisville and Denver, CO, and online, she writes for national and local publications, consults for mental health agencies and substance abuse recovery centers, and speaks at live events. She received her BA from Yale University, her MSW from Smith College for Social Work, and certifications in holistic nutrition education and mental health nutrition from Bauman College and the Alliance for Addiction Solutions. She not-so-jokingly refers to herself as a “kitchen witch”, and derives strength and beauty from nature and her home.

She is on a mission to show the world that contrary to what the establishment would have us believe, emotional healing is not about analyzing things and popping pills. It’s about developing a trusting relationship with your body, your guts, and all of those little parts of you that are clamoring for care.

Social Media & SEO

Claire Underhill

Claire is a marketing and events guru. She has organized tons of events for a diverse clientele. Claire serves as our “behind the scenes” social media and SEO specialist.

Licensed Professional Counselor

Brooks Witter

If you are seeking a greater sense of fulfillment, belonging and peace in life, welcome to Luminous Counseling. People come to me struggling with anxiety, depression, change of life challenges, failure to launch issues, and a host of other flavors of psychological anguish. What we all share, though, is a common human problem of struggling with our own minds to craft a life dedicated to what matters most.

My clients often share that the confidence, joy and connection that was once present has, for one reason or another, slipped away or diminished. Despite great efforts and great intelligence, our happiness seems fleeting and elusive.

Whether struggling with anxiety, depression, lack of clarity or purpose, or if you are seeking family or couples counseling, I would like to offer you the possibility of a new way to connect with genuine happiness. By providing a real and dynamic relationship that offers practical skills and applicable knowledge, our work together will be about rediscovering purpose and overcoming the habitual patterns that diminish your strength, wisdom and vitality.

For the past twenty years, I’ve found great strength and wisdom in teachings that are over twenty-five hundred years old. The Buddha began his teachings on our enlightened nature with a simply profound observation: In our search for genuine peace and happiness, it is ultimately futile to focus our efforts on trying to avoid suffering. To live in time – where circumstances constantly change and events happen to us over which we have no control – with a goal of finding peace and fulfillment, we must first learn to step back from the battle within our own minds. I believe this is possible, and this is what I strive to teach. If you are interested in learning how to orient each day towards wisdom, purpose and authentic presence, reach out and contact me. I’m honored to be of service.