Ruth Beauchamp Associate

Ruth Beauchamp, M.A., GCDF

Ruth Beauchamp brings 10+ years’ experience with culture, climate and retention in the workplace and has helped 100s make positive changes in their life’s work. She is the Founder of Oranda LLC, an educational consulting firm, and has been in practice since 2007 in CA and since 2013 in CO as a Training and Career Development Consultant, Coach and Facilitator.

Ruth brings her compassion, positivity and humor to support coaching clients in being the change they want to see in themselves and in their world. She specializes in YouScience – a career aptitude and strength assessment, and practices Narrative Coaching anchored in Positive Psychology. Ruth describes herself as “an inner wisdom leader” propelling people forward in their purpose.

As a Facilitator, she runs Mentoring Circles with groups of professionals within companies interested in giving and receiving support towards their mutual and individual career goals. This has resulted in increased morale, productivity and profits. In addition, Beauchamp provides leadership in the Certification process of Rolestorming – facilitated innovation discovery sessions developed by Rick Griggs in the late 1980s.

Beauchamp holds her Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of San Francisco and Global Career Development Certification with the National Career Development Association. In 2016, Ruth was recognized as the Educational Entrepreneur of the Year with the International Academy of Educational Entrepreneurs.

In 2016, she joined the Pursuits Coaching Team and in 2018, their Leadership Team. As a Thought Leader, Beauchamp has also served on Leadership Teams with the New Teacher Center, Playworks and the California Teacher Corps.

Ruth is savvy about social-emotional intelligence, identifies as an ENFP, and is a champion for work-life integration. At play, she enjoys the outdoors and coffee dates with family and friends.

Ruth is a professional who understands how people work together. She combines skill, experience and diligence. She is loyal, courageous and resourceful. When Ms. Beauchamp is on your team you will make leaps in the direction of your mission and vision. – Rick Griggs, Griggs Achievement

Ruth delivers excellent content, is a great collaborator, and understands needs-based programming. Her presentations are encouraging and well prepared and her sense of professionalism adds greatly to our mutual projects. – Rich Feller, Keynote Speaker

“Ruth is a highly skilled facilitator and leader. She is organized, efficient and focused. Ruth has excellent people skills: she is a good listener, and follows through.” Laura Hubbard, President, Principal Coaching, Inc.

The coaching and emotional support Ruth offered continues to have an impact in my work today. Diana Bernbaum Wilmot, Chief Academic Officer, Yavneh Day School

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
-Howard Thurman