Lyn Ciocca Associate relationship

Lyn Ciocco, MBA

My 30+ years in business is a blend of corporate, small business and entrepreneurial experiences. I’ve led management teams running $100-$400 million brand franchises and have launched many successful new products. As a strategic consultant and researcher, I helped create numerous brand strategies and positionings for start-ups to major consumer products. Linking my business experiences with a sustained commitment to learning and personal development and to my practice as an executive coach, I draw upon my successes and challenges to help executives optimize their leadership and their results. I have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Marketing from New York University.

My business background includes:

Product Management: Served as Vice President New Products for the development and launch of Advil Cold and Sinus, VP Marketing for Advil (formerly Whitehall Labs now Pfizer), Interim VP Marketing Maalox (formerly Rhone Poulenc Rorer now Novartis)

Strategic Consulting: Capitalized on marketing and retail knowledge to work with small and large companies, natural products businesses and over-the-counter drug companies in new product development and business strategy. (e.g. Nature’s Way, Lederle, Emerson Group)

Qualitative Market Research: Planned and facilitated focus groups with 100s of consumers on health, strategy, innovation, with start-ups, ngo’s and Fortune 500s. (e.g. Kellogg’s, Danone, Cargill)