Josh Coyle Associate counselor

Josh Coyle

Josh has spent his adult life learning about the workings of this abundant Universe. Working with Sharla Macy & Associates allows him to help others along their path to have the confidence to face life’s challenges with strength. Passion is a quality that Josh aspires to awaken in everyone he works with. Josh’s life motto is that the Universe loves you and wants you to be happy!

Josh currently focuses his energy on company, Your Podcast Services, which guides influential businesses & individuals through the entire process of creating their own podcast.

One thing to know about Joshua is his desire to improve things on a large scale; making a difference is what fuels him. He is passionate about creating a conscious workflow and experience.

In his free time, Josh volunteers as the Ambassador Engagement Chair for the Boulder Chamber of Commerce, as a facilitator for Men Standing Up, a group within Movement to End Sexual Assault (MESA), and runs his own men’s group working to engage men in all forms healthy masculinity.

“Without love in a dream, it will never come true.”