Ivan Junge Associate

Ivan Junge, MA

Ivan specializes in offering management and leadership consultation services to businesses who are committed to having a workplace that excels, cohesively, together. Using the foundational skills of emotional intelligence, active listening, and clear communication he provides organizations with tools and framework for success in a changing marketplace.

The Harvard Business Review tells us that your IQ is set, generally from a younger age. Yet you can improve your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with awareness and training. Ivan works with leaders and teams to enhance mindfulness and EQ for the overall health and success of businesses.

A graduate from Naropa University, Ivan loves working with kids (of all ages) and adults alike. With a background in therapeutic group work, experiential education and transformation programs he brings his love of new beginnings and awakening to each client relationship.

“When we know too much then we can get in our own way. Finding the balance requires a combination of studying, learning, and developing along with being able to approach things with a beginner’s mind and be open to the unexpected.”

Ivan believes that learning about how to be in communication as our emotions arise is a skill that is not only valuable for the individual but for all of those in that individual’s life as well. “Moments when we are sad, scared, or angry can often be wonderful teaching opportunities. If we can be present and share effectively then new realms of possibility for connection show up. I think we when are honest about our feelings and listen from a place of compassion we can work beautifully together.”