Brooks Witter Associate

Brooks Witter

If you are seeking a greater sense of fulfillment, belonging and peace in life, welcome to Luminous Counseling. People come to me struggling with anxiety, depression, change of life challenges, failure to launch issues, and a host of other flavors of psychological anguish. What we all share, though, is a common human problem of struggling with our own minds to craft a life dedicated to what matters most.

My clients often share that the confidence, joy and connection that was once present has, for one reason or another, slipped away or diminished. Despite great efforts and great intelligence, our happiness seems fleeting and elusive.

Whether struggling with anxiety, depression, lack of clarity or purpose, or if you are seeking family or couples counseling, I would like to offer you the possibility of a new way to connect with genuine happiness. By providing a real and dynamic relationship that offers practical skills and applicable knowledge, our work together will be about rediscovering purpose and overcoming the habitual patterns that diminish your strength, wisdom and vitality.

For the past twenty years, I’ve found great strength and wisdom in teachings that are over twenty-five hundred years old. The Buddha began his teachings on our enlightened nature with a simply profound observation: In our search for genuine peace and happiness, it is ultimately futile to focus our efforts on trying to avoid suffering. To live in time – where circumstances constantly change and events happen to us over which we have no control – with a goal of finding peace and fulfillment, we must first learn to step back from the battle within our own minds. I believe this is possible, and this is what I strive to teach. If you are interested in learning how to orient each day towards wisdom, purpose and authentic presence, reach out and contact me. I’m honored to be of service.